What is American Chiropractic?

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    American Chiropractic treats many diseases at their source – the spinal column

    American Chiropractic is a healing profession that has existed since 1895. It includes the diagnosis, treatment and prevention (of malfunctions) of the musculoskeletal system, the entire nervous system and organs. American Chiropractic is based on the undisputed medical knowledge that the nervous system is our body’s “central computer” that coordinates and monitors all body functions, body parts and organs.

    Hippocrates (460 -­ 370 B.C.), who is considered the forefather of medical science, already realised more than 2000 years ago that many diseases have their origin in a misalignment of the spine! Anything interfering with the function of the brain and spinal cord has the potential of interfering with body functions, causing pain and therefore compromising our health.

    All impulses and information needed to keep the body functioning properly are transported continuously through the nervous system to every cell and fiber of our body. This is why the spine is so important for our health, because it accommodates the "main information cable" (spinal cord) through which all information is transported.

    peroenliches beratungsgespraech

    Misalignment of vertebrae as cause of nervous disorders and back pain

    If the vertebrae become chronically misaligned due to a trauma or other forms of stress on the spine, this will lead to irritations or disorders of the nervous system or result in nerve blockages – the organism no longer can maintain its health, functions less well and the functional capacity and energy flow of the body can become significantly impaired. You will feel sick and unwell. 

    American Chiropractic as preventive health care

    Amerikanische Chiropraktik für die gesundheitliche Vorsorge

    American Chiropractic will loosen interferences and blockages caused by misalignments in the spine and the musculoskeletal system that compromise our quality of life and make us sick over time. This is why it also makes sense to be treated during symptom-free periods in order to prevent the recurrence of these and other symptoms and to strengthen the immune system. 

    Another important feature of American Chiropractic is the fact that treatment does not involve medications, injections, surgery or X-rays! It is therefore one of the safest treatment forms in health care if the treatment is provided by professional therapists. This is why we take special care in our Bonn American Chiro Care practice to check the certified capabilities of our trained professional chiropractors.

    American Chiropractic – the gentle treatment method

    The malfunctions of the spine are corrected using the “gentle method” of American Chiropractic. This is why it is also well suited for children and older patients. Misalignments are adjusted by applying a gentle impulse, bringing the injured and possibly dislocated vertebrae back into their optimal position.  

    American Chiropractic is a particularly gentle and effective method in which – provided it is applied by professional therapists -  even gentle impulses are enough to bring misaligned vertebrae back into alignment. The treatment is completely painless. 

    Back pain and more –­ what causes misaligned vertebrae?

    The human body was made for movement. As long as we move in a healthy and proper way according to our natural movement patterns, we can basically lead a life that is free of symptoms. Unfortunately, there are countless factors that can cause malfunctions of our musculoskeletal system including nerve blockages, for example a poor posture (when seated), permanent long-term stress at work, sitting for long periods and a lack of exercise, but also difficult births etc. In addition, accidents and injuries (even if long in the past) can be the reason for compromised movements patterns and misalignments.

    American Chiropractic treats the whole person

    American Chiropractic focuses on the person as a whole. It aims at going to the root causes when treating people instead of just treating or supressing the symptoms. Furthermore, certain operations may possibly be avoided if you let yourself be treated with American Chiropractic from time to time to avoid certain misalignments becoming a chronic condition. 

    Acute or chronic vertebral misalignments can damage organs

    The condition may be acute or chronic, or even show no symptoms at all for years. This is how a misaligned vertebra may cause disease in an organ over the years.

    American Chiropractic is scientifically recognized in over 40 countries!

    American Chiropractic is a healing profession and independent discipline that is scientifically recognized in over 40 countries. It deals with dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system and their (organic) effects. To get an idea of our complete range of therapies here in Bonn (provided the musculoskeletal system is misaligned), please take a look at our interactive spine. 


    6 years of university education that follows strict international standards and meets the special guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) combined with years of experience and the use of state-of-the-art equipment allows the chiropractors of American Chiro Care Bonn to determine the causes of your discomfort and to help you, provided your musculoskeletal system (vertebrae, cranial bones, pelvis or other bones) is misaligned.

    This extensive training guarantees that our professional team is superbly qualified!

    Fighting the causes of pain instead of just the effects

    If you go to a dentist with a (severe) toothache, would you agree if he said: "First take something for the pain" and then sent you home with a package of painkillers? Or would you rather he said: "If it doesn’t get better until the next time, then I’ll give you stronger painkillers, or we’ll pull the tooth." On the contrary, you expect him to treat the cause and not the symptoms, and rightly so!

    "Anyone who doesn’t spend a little time on his health each day will one day have to sacrifice a lot of time for his illness!" (Sebastian Kneipp)

    Treating pain without fighting the cause can make things even worse

    If you only suppress pain or other complaints (caused by misalignments) with drugs or other types of treatment (instead of eliminating the misalignment), you can in the worst case even damage the body's own warning system by deadening a nerve because it signals too strongly that something is wrong.  

    Looking at it this way, many of us take better care of their car than of their own body. If the low fuel indicator on your car’s dashboard lit up you would hardly get the idea of masking it with sticky tape or simply removing it.

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