American Chiropractic uses NASA technology to make a diagnosis!

    The Insight Millennium Scan® is a device co-developed by NASA which allows our chiropractors to collect objective data in order to assess the condition of the spinal column and nervous system.
    Unlike X-ray images, the scan can be safely repeated any number of times since no harmful radiation is used.
    The Insight Millennium Scan® was originally developed by NASA to assess the state of health of astronauts. 

    The examination with the help of this latest technology will show you and our medical team: 

    • whether and where there are nerve malfunctions  
    • how well or poorly your nervous system controls your 7 trillion cells  
    • the approach for a suitable treatment, the probable duration of treatment and the results of the treatment 
    • abnormal muscle tension 
    • temperature differences 
    • the degree of possible limitations in mobility

    American Chiro Care uses the latest computer-controlled technology without radiation. You, too, should have the condition of your spinal column and nervous system checked with the latest computer-controlled technology.
    The absolutely painless scanning is also ideally suited for children, pregnant women and seniors.
    Neither needles, electric impulses nor radiation or the like are being used. Important information about your autonomous, vegetative and motor system and about your musculoskeletal system is collected and evaluated. 

    The causes of pain can be made visible

    This method may help to visualize ailments caused by malfunctions of the nervous system. Even abnormal functions in the spine that an X-ray would not be able to detect can be made visible. 

    American Chiro Care`s approach is to treat the causes so that the body once again can perform its normal functions and the natural healing process can begin.
    The cause of your symptoms and/or the success of the treatment will be visible and verifiable for you.


    Muscle tenseness

    Abnormal muscle tone or muscle tension can be found wherever joints are not properly aligned with each other. This program allows us to measure your muscle activity, which is controlled by your motor system.

    Cutting-edge infrared technology

    The temperature, which is a measure of the function of the autonomic nervous system, is measured using the latest infrared technology. Noticeable differences in temperature at the spine indicate where nerves act differently. The condition of your autonomous nervous system, which supplies glands, organs and blood vessels, can be checked with this imaging and regulated with treatment.

    Since poor posture is often the cause of vertebral misalignments, a good and healthy posture is very important to maintain the functionality of your spine over the long term.


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